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Job advertising here on UK Tax Jobs is only part of the online advertising that Tax Publications Limited can help your tax business or tax organisation with.

Plus we can help promote all your job adverts through our Jobs Within network of websites aimed at over 30 ley employment sectors with dedicated websites for each sector making all ads keyword targeted.

We publish a host of tax websites who main aims are to help you promote your tax business online.

Directory Listings For Accounting and Tax Firms

We are developing the largest network of regional directories helping accountants, tax firms, and law firms with tax expertise promote themselves in their region or location.

All the major cities in the UK have dedicated websites. Take a look at our Accountancy Firms in London site as one example.

Our Association of Tax Advisors central international network of tax advisors is also developing an international directory of tax advisors around the world.

Tax Articles and Tax News

Distributing and publishing the latest news and updates about your business is important for a host of reasons.

It is important particularly in developing your online presence and enhancing your search engine rankings.

We publish a growing number of websites where you can release and publish news and articles about your tax expertise or about your tax business. Our taxation journal website is one example and our taxation news site just one other example.

Articles achieve a host of benefits. Benefits include, structured CPD points for the writer, link backs to your own website, which is good for search engine rankings and traffic to your own site, promoting your knowledge online, interacting with web users, lead to more business and work.

Banner Adverts & Advertising Online

Banner ads can be images, text or a mixture. It is common for banner adverts to be animated. This has lots of advantages. More advertising messages in a small space as the ad promotes more than one slogan or message. Eye catching animated ads can invite the viewer to click the ad to be taken to the offer, product or service for more information. Anyway on any of our websites where you see Google ads these can easily be replaced with your own dedicated advert which when clicked also takes the viewer to your own website, page or service you want to advertise.

Keyword targeted advertising.

Banner adverts are usually one of the following sizes but we can show custom banner ads of any size.

The above sizes are in pixels.

Our online banner adverts site distributes banner adverts, video ads, text ads and other media adverts across our network of websites.

The ad can be set to run for a period of time or until a certain number of clicks have taken place.

Adverts appear on most pages of our websites which now span thousands of pages on the web.

The portfolio has in excess of 50,000 pages and growing at a very fast rate.

Great exposure for your ad campaign and key word targeted meaning the visitors to the pages your advertising on are looking for the things your advertising.

Tax Publications.... Online marketing and promotion for tax and accounting businesses !

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Online Marketing

Keyword targeted online advertising and online marketing for tax businesses.

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